Saturday, April 4, 2009

Latest Sketch

I sketched this little one last night and so far I have named it "Reader" of course this may change as I complete her, but for now it's what I have chosen. I will be working on her all weekend as soon as she's done I will post.

A Hiliarous Short Story!!

Friday Night (April 3rd) my son calls me to tell me this laughable, ridiculous, true story.

Our government has done it again....My son recieved a letter Friday afternoon in the mail from a local government agency wanted to know the were his son works and what his monthly income produces and to submit the information. LOL as I sit and recall.

Nicely my son calls the number on the document, proceeds to ask for the person who is listed. When she picks up he tells her who he is and then ask this question?

Could you please explain to me where a 5 year old would work? The woman reponded with excuse me sir. My son responded, " You sent me a letter asking me to verify my son's income by submitting the information. My son was born in 2003 and of course you should know this as it's in your system. The woman responds with...well sir it's company policy we need the document. Again my son replies " he's only 5 he has no income, he's a child.

So, the woman says one more's company policy we need the document of his income. Finally my son says, mam are you looking at your computer? Yes, she replies...He says well then pull up our account. She does she finds my grandson's age and still says we need the document. LOL OMG! How did it end!

My son copied my grandsons' birth certificate attached a letter that read....Maybe my 5 year old should have your job, he can read and we could use the money. It seems he would do a better job. Are you aware of the legal working age? Keep up the good work!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Computer Crash!!

Well, it was a heck of a Friday evening as windows was updating a program crashed my computer.

Due to the fact that Windows doesn't support Vista anymore they can't guarentee any of the windows updates aren't corrupted. How hectic is was around here. Hours of searching for the program to fix the problem lead to a full system recovery. Yiks! This lead to loosing some recent work that hadn't been backed yet.

Oh, how one must love computer's! Actually I am pretty educated however even though I knew what the problem was it didn't help. Windows had crashed. So, here is where we are...

Back on line and still working out some minor details. So the art process will hold for a short period. But, it's okay relaxing is always a welcome.
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