Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Day another M&M

Hi all,

It's Friday!! For some reason the weekend just feels freeing. I didn't get a chance to complete the sketch I posted yesterday.
I posted on my shop front I have another site am I nuts or what! lol Like I don't have enough to keep up with now. Not that I get up I mean out the chair at the computer where I enhance my sketches in digital. I am also peeking at Rachel Ray while chewing on M&Ms.
The sketch above is from the Maudy and Madison collection in Hobbletown. I worked for nearly 8 hours on the print yesterday. What site will I work on today? I haven't decided yet...I am very spontaneous.
I am trying to decide whether to start another blog for Hobbletown or just combine them here. Let me know what you think?
Thanks to all who chatted with me in the Etsy Forum I really had a wonderful time. Blessings Raine.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Perls of my Daughter

Oh how could one not love a child who makes you laugh all the time!

I just received a text and then a call...she heard a vibrating noise and texted me confused she couldn't find it.
She's running around the room swating at the air thinking there has to be a fly in the area. LOL
I ask her if she saw a fly....No she replied. Oh help me here! After approx. 5 minutes of chasing the air...
She figures out it was her cell phone on vibrate. How old is she 22 and she makes her hubby crazy.

Bless her heart she keeps me laughing and that's great for the soul.

Uploaded her again todays sketch

This is a sketch I did last night and will be working on today. She will take me about 4 hours to complete and review. Then I will add the final touches before releasing her. It takes a ton of printing to make sure the colors are correct etc. Its not as simple as some might think. I haven't named the sketch yet so if you have any ideas feel free to post your first impression.

In the Forum on Etsy

I am in the forum right now on Etsy trying to figure out this crazy system of blogging. I was wondering if I am suppose to add every crazy thing that goes on in my day.

Like the other day my daughter called me at 4 am EST time and said, Mom I am scared I am in the closet. I said WHAT! She said there is a tornado coming. Now I live in Ohio and at the time the winds were about 60 miles an hour, my lights went off and on but there were no warnings of a tornado. She said her hubby called and told her to get into the closet. Well, the closet I found out had a special feature once you shut the door you couldn't get out. She was warned of this by the owners. She was so scared and I couldn't stop laughing...bless her heart. So she's in the closet for about 1/2 hour and to top it off she had her dog with her...he's not small at all. Abe is a hunting dog. These are things that go on in my life. Needless to say she laughed all day the next day as I did.
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