Friday, May 22, 2009

Babies in Garden

I took a walk out to the garden today and there are little baby blooms everywhere. It's so funny planting a garden seeing your first little blooms feels like your raising babies again. It's so exciting, no matter how many times I have done it I am always amazed.

I planted cauliflower and sunflower seeds (the kind you can eat) for the first time, they are doing great! The sunflowers need a lot of water till they come up out of the ground. I continue right now to water them every 3 days lightly probably till they are 3 inches high. Actually I water certain tiny seedlings every 3 days just to give them a boost.

When I first plant the seeds I always keep them watered unless rain is expected, again giving them a tiny boost.

Tomatoes are given miracle grow the first couple weeks and then again in the deep heat of summer when rain is limited. Home grown tomatoes are unbelieveable in taste. I process then can many over the summer.

This summer I am leaving a small stand out front with a little jar for people to put what they can afford and take what they want from what my garden over produces. Even if they just take the food I am fine with that, at least I will know I helped someone in need and it didn't go to waste.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bunny Baby on Board

I wanted to give everyone a peek at Baby On Board how it's coming along. I didn't forget just a tad busy in the garden. This is only a small taste of the illustration.

There is still a ton of tweeking to do...I am working on it again tonight, of course as I watch American Idol. It will look very different when I am finished! Lots more detail to go!

Enjoy <3

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Follow Me on Twitter

I joined twitter a while back and wanted to let everyone know you can follow me here P.S. these are showing up light gray however you can still just click on them.

Twitter keeps you posted on what I am working on throughout my day. Whether I am in my organic garden (which is doing wonderful) or sketching and whatever crazy things are in my day.

Like the Eagle's nest in the an earlier post I mentioned the nest when everyone discovered far the two eggs have hatched but only one little survived and is doing great.

I am going to check my organic garden when I get done with this post and check another tree behind my farm that has two Eagle's flying around and landing in a tree top. This would be a new nest.

I also raise skunks...LOL well not actually...they always seem to manage to have a litter under an old shed right near the back of my home. It wouldn't be so bad I suppose but the odor is another story, not to mention last year the mother or one of them stood head to head with me in the corn. I didn't move! I just thought OMG I don't wanna get sprayed nor do I want to bathe in tomato juice. I wonder if that really works?

Coupons to Print!!

Good Day to all...I don't know about many woman out there who have tried the coupon clipping thing and found it too time consuming or diffucult to manage. I know I did!

Well, yesterday I went shopping with my daughter and wow was I surprized how much she saved using coupons. My daughter and son have always been great organizers of everything. I have never seen two people shop better than their mom at a grocery store. I just don't know how they do it. You'd be surprized at what they walk out with for 50.00, it's amazing.

So I stumbled across a couple sites I find extremely helpful. Especially and I printed really good coupons with GREAT deals.

I really like it offers mommy's so much information which is always helpful when raising children. Plus, they have wonderful coupons too!

Go check them out you'll find some great information.
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