Sunday, May 17, 2009

Follow Me on Twitter

I joined twitter a while back and wanted to let everyone know you can follow me here P.S. these are showing up light gray however you can still just click on them.

Twitter keeps you posted on what I am working on throughout my day. Whether I am in my organic garden (which is doing wonderful) or sketching and whatever crazy things are in my day.

Like the Eagle's nest in the an earlier post I mentioned the nest when everyone discovered far the two eggs have hatched but only one little survived and is doing great.

I am going to check my organic garden when I get done with this post and check another tree behind my farm that has two Eagle's flying around and landing in a tree top. This would be a new nest.

I also raise skunks...LOL well not actually...they always seem to manage to have a litter under an old shed right near the back of my home. It wouldn't be so bad I suppose but the odor is another story, not to mention last year the mother or one of them stood head to head with me in the corn. I didn't move! I just thought OMG I don't wanna get sprayed nor do I want to bathe in tomato juice. I wonder if that really works?

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