Friday, May 22, 2009

Babies in Garden

I took a walk out to the garden today and there are little baby blooms everywhere. It's so funny planting a garden seeing your first little blooms feels like your raising babies again. It's so exciting, no matter how many times I have done it I am always amazed.

I planted cauliflower and sunflower seeds (the kind you can eat) for the first time, they are doing great! The sunflowers need a lot of water till they come up out of the ground. I continue right now to water them every 3 days lightly probably till they are 3 inches high. Actually I water certain tiny seedlings every 3 days just to give them a boost.

When I first plant the seeds I always keep them watered unless rain is expected, again giving them a tiny boost.

Tomatoes are given miracle grow the first couple weeks and then again in the deep heat of summer when rain is limited. Home grown tomatoes are unbelieveable in taste. I process then can many over the summer.

This summer I am leaving a small stand out front with a little jar for people to put what they can afford and take what they want from what my garden over produces. Even if they just take the food I am fine with that, at least I will know I helped someone in need and it didn't go to waste.

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