Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Mothers Day - Card

I skipped ahead and worked on a mother's day card the last day and a half. I realized it's not far off. Gosh, how time seems to fly.

The card was inspired by a childhood memory I have when I use to give my mother flowers that grew on our farm land. I am really please at the way it turned out.

Sadly, I won't be able to give one to my own mother who passed in 2005 on Valentines Day. I had the pleasure and opportunity to spend much time with her before she passed. I admired the courage she had in battling heart disease and emphysema. Not one complaint the whole time other than this statement " this is what they call the golden years" and then she would laugh.

As a child she had scarlet fever which cause damage to her main valve of her heart. In 1995 after retiring from a factory of 35 years as a meat cutter, she had open heart surgery to correct the valve. She made it through the surgery, but, within a two week stay she had two lung surgeries due to complications. I sat with her everyday till one day in Dec. 95 they took me and my sister out in the hall and told us to take her home, spend as much time as we could. I remember looking up at he doctor and saying are you saying what I think you are? He said yes, she didn't have much longer to live. Well, as I said earlier she passed in 2005, ten years after they told us she would pass soon. What a fighter at 80 lbs we took her home and day after day she just kept moving forward. The heart specialist said she was a fighter and a miracle.

I remember when I was growing up, especially as a teenager and into my twenties and so.... I didn't like her much blamed her for the way I turned out. I never told her which I am glad, but just as most children we complain about our childhood a lot. I remember one day after I married had two children and wasn't getting along with my husband. I went to my mother and began to talk about the situation here is what she said, You made your bed you ly in it, go home and fix your problem." I was so angry, I thought she was suppose to be there for me, listen and offer comfort. Boy, was I so wrong.

I have had some tough times over the years and there isn't a day that goes by I don't thank her. She taught me how to survive, to stand on my own two feet and that's a beautiful gift. She taught me how to keep standing no matter what life tossed my way. I smile everytime I think about her what a courag woman.

So in the end she ended up in the hospital Feb. 2005 she had, had a stroke one morning. I am a night person and in the course of the week as she laid in the hospital, I spent everynight with her holding her hand while playing glen miller music on a cd player (I have kept) till she passed the morning of Feb. 14, 2005 while my sister was there. She took the day shift. My sister called and said her blood pressure was dropping, I tried to get there but she passed just minutes before I arrived. We stayed in her room till they came and got her. Even in death she was beautiful.

I miss my mom and think about her a lot. She loved to laugh too. If I had one wish I would want to spend one more day sitting in her living room for a simple visit. I would love to hear her voice, see her face, and touch her one more time. Keeping laughing in heaven mom, I smile when I think of you both...I love you, always, always.

P.S. I cut a lock of her hair that week and keep in a very special place.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Contest to own first run of Illustration

This is the next in my illustrations which I will be working on for the rest of the week into the weekend. It reminded me of all the times my childhood friend and I would go shopping with our mom's downtown (that has been torn down an redone) a place where we would get popcorn at the little red wagon that sat on the corner by LaSalle's. The wagon still shows up every summer.

The contest is for the first print off of the completed illustration and a card w/ matching envelope all signed by me with free shipping, it's very easy to enter. All you have to do is name the illustration through comment section of the blog. The name I choose to post in the listing will also support the name of the person and there etsy shop in the listing, giving you credit for the title. That's all you have to do. Have fun and good luck! Raine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OMG is all I can say....

It's Wednesday night not far off from Thursday morning very early morning. I am so amazed by so many things anymore. I am surprised I can be surprise! lol...although laughing is what seems to be my most available response to everything.

Okay, so here's what I think about certain topics and mind you it's only what I think.
Exercising- term used for those who want to live long enough to either
a. live in a nursing home
b. continued to be bugged by there children gaining wisdom you already know. Get me off the roller coaster.
c. watching there ex-husband pass to only give his life insurance to his current wife -oh, why didn't he die when I was married to him...LOL
d. having your children call you all the time to give them advice on raising children you already raised. It's a vicious cycle and a huge joke played on the aging.

American Idol
What is really wrong with Simon Cowell?
a. he's really a clothing designer posing as a vocal expert
b. he's a vocal expert posing as a nerd
c. or he's a nerd with no clothing experience
d. he's really never had sex but kissed Susan Boyle (she really does support a beautiful voice)

Who should really win American Idol
a. me
b. you
c. refer to a or b

Why do I separate my trash for recycling drive all the way to the 6 separate containers to drop them off, when the trash really goes to the local landfill!! My son BF owns a sanitation company.
Yes, I found out today my efforts to separate my trash is a waste of my time. Another untruth in this I surprised No LOL... Oh, but they do take the cans to the local scrap metal for dollars. Yeah!

Another few untruths...
a. commercials for getting fuller longer lashes using mascara are really false eyelashes on the model.
b. every commercial has little tiny print you can't read but can see at the bottom..that means its a ripe off there is going to be hidden fees.
c. buy one get one free really means I am not selling anything I need business
d. Clearance really means this is stuff no one really wants
e. every commercial on tv is really a business buying air time to get you to purchase there products even though most of there products don't work.
Gosh this is getting depressing...LOL lets move on!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My other Etsy site...

For those of you who may not know I illustrate for two sites. My rainee day designs and maudy and madison in Hobbletown. This is todays illustration that will be done tonight and posted at thanks to my grandson, Jackson who keeps feeding me continuing stories of the characters of Hobbletown.
In this illustration Jackson and I were walking in the back of my farm near the woods in the pic below when we came across a few new bunnies burrowed inside a bunch of weeds with new grass growing around them. As usual I began to ask Jackson questions, he gave me a cute little story that lead once again to a new illustration. Watch for it to be posted with Jacksons story that lead to this illustration design.

Email from my page at bottom!

I love this feature....if you look at the bottom on the left you will find a brown paper bag that you can actually email someone just by filling in the spaces. Move the bottom bar to the far right and you will see the send button.

I love finding and learning new things!

Posting of

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