Saturday, January 31, 2009

M&M's are addicting!

Okay so I am about to get ready to create another illustration. Out comes the M&M's not that they are inspiring...I just find eating them is soothing as I create or those darn commercials have me brainwashed!
So,I don't know how many of you live alone but when you do you'll find yourself talking to just about anything or anyone who will listen. For the first time I found myself answering my own question I stopped dead in my tracks. LOL and said what the heck. I need to get a dog or something. Artist seem to be loners and so busy creating we forget to get out. So I do a lot of laughing at myself.
My last idiotic episode... standing outside in the snow shoveling my huge driveway wondering, where was my knight in a shinney truck with a shovel attached. So two go by and just watch me Hmmm am I that entertaining? I wave yelled hello, thank you and goodbye. Then all of the sudden an ODOT those guys who plow and the roads drove by... I got right out in the street and yelled NO I just shoveled that! Course he pulled up the shovel waved and went on about his business. Then I got stuck in a 3 foot drift against my mailbox trying to shovel it out as the truck across the street sat with it's headlights brightly shinning on me. I thought oh great I can see it now woman frozen to post on mailbox trying to mail herself NOT!

P.S. M&Ms are wonderful and so are these sites where you can find me at -lots of my items for purchasing.

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