Monday, April 6, 2009

Bald Eagle Baby Nest 3 eggs near my yard

Well much to my surprise I found out there is a bald eagle nest near my yard. I had no idea till there were tons (it seemed) of people around my area starring up at the sky.

I stood there looking out my window thinking what the h*** is going on! Then I found myself looking up only to ask myself what the h*** is everyone doing? Had I been in the story chicken little I would have thought the sky was falling. I couldn't find anything, of course, I had no idea what I was really suppose to be searching for as I pushed my nose further into the glass. Like I was really going to magically go through it and see my whole surrounds. I did leave two things, a nose impression on the window with a red spot on my nose. I just walked away shaking my head and thinking okay whatever. I wonder if I had went outside totally naked if anyone would have noticed ....NOT! LoL ... NOT that I wouldn't of as I am a spontanous, laughing, spur of the moment lets do something bizarre person. Hey, we only live once!

Besides raising children has left me a total screwball and finally somewhat free! I remember when I use to hide in the bathroom just to eat a hersheys bar alone and sip on a diet pepsi, an ironic combination. Lets eat sugar and rinse it down with artifical sugar. LoL

So My daughter pops by and lets me know what all the commotion was....the bald eagle nest. Now I'm compelled to climbing the tree and getting a close up view. I think NOT my daughter very directly stated. I don't think you would come down alive. The neighbor is keeping tabs with there telescope and me well if you hear all over the media..."Woman climbs tree is malled by an eagle or hung from a branch for hours till someone noticed her instead of the nest" You will know it's me!

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