Friday, January 9, 2009

Beginning to blog Wow this is new for me!

First I would like to say Hello and Happy New Year to all. I am not one on resolutions I am more about experiences from life, the new year and learning to grow. Each new year brings along with it many ups and downs for everyone simply paying attention to what your experiencing and learning from it will take you further in your life then any resolution.
I know right now it's a bad time in our enconomy that brings a lot of hardships with finances, our significant other and people in general. In a crisis I can say this for sure, you will truly find out what the people around you whether family, friends, or strangers are made of, who will help or turn away.
Which leads me to something that happened to me resently. I have a truck that is 11 years old is in great shape and has been good to me. The only trouble it gives me is every year I seem to have to replace the coil pack. Being single and living alone it helps to educate yourself about any topic that helps. I know way too much about trucks. Lol. Anyway, I went to the gas station for gas after pumping my truck would not turn over. Nothing, it took me a minute to be reminded of the coil pack so I went inside the station (all the girl's know me there) and I ask a man to help me move my truck. He said, "are you talking to me?' Duh, I relpied with that I got the typical reponse women are so bossy. Now, I thought to myself Hmm must have had a bad experience with a woman to which he learned nothing or he would not have been so still in the moment of that old experience. I felt sad for him as not letting go of that experience has him stuck in that moment and not moving forward and experince the present.
Well I ask Amber to help me move my truck, between the two of us I put it in nuetral and off we went. Now mind you, 5 men where outside some getting in there car's others pumping gas but all starring at us. Well, anyone who knows me knows I am not an introvert with people just private about my family.
So, I yelled, "hello guys I wanted to thank you for your help in watching us move this vehicle." As much as I try to believe and give people the benefit of the doubt that they are more helpful now in this enconomy and not as self -envolved, it just disappoints me to see things have not changed as much as I would like to see. I look at people in the world and only see humans sharing a planet a journey. I don't see color, race just humans. I see all humans as my family and eveyone I pass throughout my day I feel are a part of me, a human. I talk to everyone . help those I can even if it's just to say hello. I stongly believe we are all here to help each other.
In the end I got my truck started just by wiping off the spark plugs that connect to the coil pack and off I went. I plan on continuing to talk to everyone and helping those I can with whatever I can offer no matter how big or small.
Happy New Year to all and remember everyone you pass is truly just as you a human making the best of there journey. Extend your hand whenever you can you'll find it's a great feeling.

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