Friday, January 9, 2009

My Love of Knitting

My favorite things to do outside of illustrating are knitting in the winter and gardening in the spring and summer. In the picture above is my latest project for my daughter. I am knitting a lap blanket for her to keep warm as she reads. She is a huge book reader. The colors are cream and plum although it looks more purple in the pic it's actually a beautiful warm plum. I am using the stocking stitch and garter on the edges. I just love the way it is turning out. The task is getting it done for her before winter is gone. It currently covers my legs and lap but I wanted to make it a tad longer so it covered her legs comfortably. I have to say as I knit now it's doing a great job keeping my legs warm... I am going to miss it.
I have been knitting since I can remember as a child my mother taught me to crochet and my aunt to knit. I am not a huge fan of crocheting and like the professional look of knitting. I have used metal needles over the years and was so happy when they came out with bamboo needles. I just love the control you get from the bamboo and would recommend them to anyone who loves to knit or is a beginner. If you get the chance try knitting it is so relaxing and in this horrific challenge we are experiencing with the enconomy this is a great way to relax and destress. Here is a little secret about the chair in the's where I sit most of the time and sketch my illustrations. It is SO comfortable.

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