Monday, March 23, 2009

Took time out to Watch Australia and fell in love with Huge Jackman! Watched Twilight too!

OMG! has anyone seen Hugh Jackman in Australia? Not to mention it is an absolutely wonderfully captivating movie and love story.

It has everything for couples to watch together. I have watched it a couple times. Now I want to move to Australia lol!

Hugh Jackman pours water over himself with no shirt on a must see gals! It truly is a wonderful movie.

I also took time out to watch "Twilight" I also love vampire movies. I have a girlfriend who's daughter writes these kind of stories and has had 5 published. Now Harlequin Romance novels wants her. Her first novel she signed for me. Yeah! Anyway I will take a peek at the book and give you all the information. It's a wonderful line of books.

Pam has a sister in law who writes books for the deaf. She's been deaf since her childhood after a fever. You can find her on Amazon by typing in Darlene Toole, they live in Portland, Oregon.

Back to "Twilight" another exceptional movie although my daughter read the books and liked them much better. She said they should have done more with the movie. Anyway I look forward to the next one I believe is 'Moonlight."

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