Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally I am able to Post!

I have been so busy creating away! In order to create I have to log off and connect to my other hard drive. Sometimes I go days without logging on to the internet. I am currently working on being able to keep both hard drives running. So this week I will be able to log in more. Yeah!

Creating is a time consuming process. I don't have all the luxuries in programs that some may have so for me it takes a little extra time. It's okay though I don't mind being a tad primitive.

The picture above shows what is currently in the making. It will take me about 9 hours to complete and get her just the way I would like for printing. I am also thinking about adding a umbrella to the mix. Often my images change when I start to work on them. As you can see I love drawing pictures of children. I also just finished sketching another little girl which has been tweeked yet. As soon as I decide exactly which way I like her I will post her here.
The weather is beginning to warm up so soon I will be starting my organic garden! Yeah...I love the fresh taste of home grown veggies. Till next time blessings to all...

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