Friday, May 8, 2009

Children's Books New Law

As a childhood illustrator I came across an article on the internet I couldn't believe

When I read the article all I could think of was WHAT something else from the past that we can't expose our children too. As a mother who raised children in the 80's I can say not one book they read or touched as caused them any harm today.

I just can't help but wonder what we are doing to our children. What will happen in the next 50 years. It seems everytime we turn around they tell us something we have been exposed to is not healthy, then years later you find it out it was an untruth.

I understand the need to protect our children but wonder if we have a bit too far. I look at the generation before me who seem to be living well into there 90's, who were exposed to so many of the things they now ban. I was exposed to those books and understand that some children may have experienced a negative reaction to the same books in some form, but, isn't that a part of life? Isn't why we are all so different and can tolerate different exposures to things?

No one wants a child to become ill, I understand this very clearly. I had a handicap child. But, what are we really teaching the generations coming up? Touch nothing till it's be scientific evalutated. Put all of our children in bubbles!

There are so many Baby Boomers that are now hitting retirement age and quite frankly if all those books were so bad for them, why are there so many Baby Boomers alive who will be soaking up Social Security?

When I look back and realize how simple life was and were we have gotten too, I am saddened. It seems everytime we turn around there is a new law for something. I personally do not feel I should have to buckle my seatbelt in my own vehicle. I feel very strongly about seatbelts, it's my choice as to whether I want to fly out the window in an accident or stay buckled. It's simply my choice. Do I believe children should be buckled yes, without a doubt. So don't get me wrong.

However, I am beginning to feel like our choices or at least my own in America are being taken away little by little and ya know what I say...lets as public officials start focusing on more important issues. Starving, homeless, and poor people in this Country. I am livid that where I live they are using 7 million dollars to restore Perry's Monument. What about all those people lossing homes and jobs! Those millions could do wonders to change many people's lives.

As for children's books does that mean we now shouldn't let our children go to the library where there are thousands of old books? Children are meant to live life not be sheltered. We can't protect everyone even though as parents we want to protect are children from the world. We have to ask ourselves can we really?

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