Saturday, May 9, 2009

Working on my Book - Happy Mother's Day

I haven't posted anything new in my shop lately or for that illustrated. :0(

No, my book is not titled Happy Mother's Day I just wanted to pop that in just in case I am too busy tomorrow.

I picked up the draft of my book again....and am finally pleased with the way I plan on finishing. It's been in the works since 2000, ( I know I know a long time) actually I have two that have been in the works.

I would have never considered writing till I meant a Judge, who aided in my son's adoption, (many many years ago) and highly suggested I write. I was told in high school but never took it seriously or gave it a thought till the Judge. Why...maybe I just wasn't ready to listen. Now I listen to everything. I suppose the fact I was never really good at punctuating was another issue. Till I decided who cares there are people out there that can do it for me. Isn't that why we are different?

I never really knew or for that considered how important words were back then. How much they impact our lives in so many ways. They make you believe your worth, self esteem and so much more. They define a huge part of our lives as they burrow in to our brain and sit there reminding us daily of who or what we are...they even determine our credibility "do our actions fit our words."

By listening closely since that day the Judge opened a different part of my brain...I found when raising my children how much they said about themselves with simple letters that formed words. Even in silence I learned they said so much more. Every movement, position, stand, eyebrow lift, eyes, arms, legs, right down to the music they listened too told me what was in store. Where they were in there life and what they were thinking. I didn't need to ask. Funny they all said " how do you know so much about me all the time" they were always amazed.

I find the same applies and works with every human that exists. So tomorrow on Mother's Day celebrate it but watch and listen to your children the people around you, you'll learn more than you ever imagined.

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